Sunday, 9 June 2013

Playing the long game.

Keeping calm.

For anyone who knows me keeping my cool is not really one of my attributes, i am at best hot headed, even i knew though that this had to be a dish best served cold.

My first concern was that she would turn up and announce she was pregnant, fortunately for me i know people that live in her area and although it took a few weeks of worry i found out she wasn't, however in this time i found out that besides the silly "anonymous" messages and crank phone calls, she had taken up stalking one of my husbands friends,not sure what she told him but he didnt want to be friends with the hubby anymore, at the time i just thought well thats your lookout dude, always been a firm believer that friends should come before a relationship (along with always having both sides of a story before passing judgement) I could have told him there and then about knowing that she was using him,the dates from when she was chasing my hubby to when she started "dating" him, the fact that she knew who he was and where to find him through conversations with the hubby on yahoo but i thought it was probably better him finding out for himself, besides i didn't know at that time what shit she had been filling his head with (still don't). Long story short, within a week or so of hubby finding out about her and his friend and nothing happening - why would it? hes not interested let alone jealous- I got a copy of a text message between her and "our mutual friend" saying that she was going to finish it with him and how sick she feels and how stressed she is because hes so boring and she doesnt want to lead him on anymore, I wasn't surprised, i knew her game all along, just a shame someone else had to get dragged into it, later that same evening i was sent a copy of another text message she sent to out mutual friend it simly read  "im single!!!!!!!"

I had also heard from another friend of hers that he had been sent a naked pic of her (from her) which she later claimed was "not meant for him and sent accidentally) yeah right love....accidentally on purpose more lie..anything for a reaction.

As mentioned in a previous post i have met said slappers ex husband, from conversations with him and of course my own husband (and one of her own friends who contacted me) that she was telling some very disgusting lies about her ex.

1) He beat her.
2) He was abusive to their children
3) He turned their childrens bedroom into a cannabis farm
4) He cheated on her and only allowed her an hour to get out of their house and didnt allow her to tae any of hers or the childrens possessions.
5) He gave her std's.
etc etc etc you get the general gist.

So this got me thinking, if i now she's said these things about her ex which those of us with the slightest ounce of common sense can see is horse shit...she wouldn't need an sti test for the ex's supposed cheating when A) in the 10 months since they'd separated she had been dating (sleeping with) loads of men she'd met on the what has she been telling the new men since my hubby about him? i know he wasn't innocent and by god has he paid the price,i don't give concessions for the fact that he has had mental health problems, he's still been a complete tit, even so, nothing gives her the right to tell lies about him behind his back, i could have gone to see her mum and dad and taken print outs of all the lies she told me and proved to reverend daddy that his precious daughter was a homewrecking trollop but i didn't....I could have gone to her place of work or her home and confronted her and then given her exactly what she deserved but i didn't...there are many many things i could have done to make her life hell but i didnt do any of them...
After a while when the anger started to recede i started to thin about the unfairness of the whole situation, some may say that i could nay should! have put it all behind me and walked away but that's not me and its not who i am. I started writing this blog as a more cathartic means of ridding myself of my demons, i didn't feel able to talk to friends anymore, mainly because i didnt feel able to open up fully, i never had any intention of naming her but then i thought sod it! I could have behaved like her, i could have gone behind her back contacting people who know her and come into contact with her and dripped poison into their ears about what a lying slut she really is, not my style though, i prefer to give people the right to reply, this way with my settings set to allow anyone to contact she can come here and try to defend herself, i use the term "try" very loosely as she cant defend herself as this is the truth with screen grabs to back them up, no editing no photo shopping no need to the evidence speaks for its self.I also figured as i was writing the blog that i would contact "the friend" and tell him all about her using the nicest possible way of yes love that was me and you're welcome!

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