Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The reverends scheming daughter.

Sins of the father?

Perhaps the thing I find hardest of all to take is that she is the daughter of a reverend.
Some of you may think that this shouldn't mean anything but when you consider that she will have been raised to believe in the sanctity of marriage you would assume that she would have more respect.

I have at this point to laugh at myself, you see I know far more now than I did last June. I Met her ex husband in August last year, what a tonic it was to be in the same room as someone else who could clearly see through her "prim and proper" exterior.  If I thought I had cause to be angry then he soon showed me that he was far worse off than I. 

His story mirrors mine in so many ways, in fact it was meeting him that finally convinced me that I wasn't going mad. Their marriage had ended with her moving out of their marital home back in 2011 and taking her two children back to live with her mother and father. The reason for this being that he had discovered her infidelities on her computer, although she had denied to him that she was using a certain dating site he had found her profile on it, she had been seeing other men from said site for quite some time, attempting to instigate affairs with men she worked with and also making secret contact with husbands/partners of her own supposed friends (glad she isn't my friend) After he confronted her he said she became very  weepy and was more concerned about him exposing her to her family, friends, collegues, church and community. He told me he wished that he had thought to take copies of all her messages but between him confronting her and attempting to expose her she had deleted all the messages and deactivated her profile, thus rendering his claims invalid.

She told my husband that she had been forced to flee their home and run taking nothing but her children and the clothes on their backs, how ridiculous a claim that was, he refutes this wholeheartedly and says she in fact cleaned him out whilst he was at work and even told his solicitor she had taken all she wanted from the house. I can't tell the whole story he told me although I will go as far as to say that if you are reading this and you know him and have heard and dismissed his claims in favour of her lies...wise up! 

I will back up his story, she has no concern at all for any other human being, why else would she use their son as weapon against him? Denying he and his family from having contact with a young child, more to the point though why is her reverend father allowing this to happen? How very un christian is it to use a child in such a manner!
However their marriage played out and whatever her father chooses to believe in regards to that, that child should not be denied the right to have contact with his father, his paternal grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and his  half siblings.

I cannot believe that a man who is supposedly deeply religious would allow his daughter to behave in such a disgraceful way under his roof.


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