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Claire Baker the wigan Marriage wrecker!

Dissecting her lies!!!!

We'd talked that weekend, intermittently about her, I'd gathered that he'd already told the wigan trollop he didn't a relationship with her several times over the week previous, that he'd slept with her once, that he didn't fancy her or feel anything for her. Now I know what you're thinking, Gullible wife, believes what she wants to believe, I know him though I know what hes like, back in the beginning of our relationship he hadn't been able to keep his hands off me, 3/4/5/6 times a day, as often as we could we would! So for him to say that he had only had sex with her once in 3 weeks meant that I knew damned well he was telling the truth and that he wasn't sexually attracted to her.

The Monday had been a bank holiday so he wasn't working, we were sat at the table that afternoon talking about his childhood when his phone rang, he didn't answer it, it rang until it rang out then seconds later started to ring again...I picked it up off the table, it was her!! I threw it back at him, what the hell does she want?. just ignore her he said,  like hell I will, find out what she wants and tell her to piss off!!

He sent her a text asking what she wanted....."just to see how you are and why you've been ignoring my calls and texts all weekend.....What calls and texts, he's been with me all weekend, he had his phone turned off for most of it but when he turned it back on there were no messages and no missed calls, I'd had it all weekend so he couldn't have checked it secretly....He text her back, "im sorting things out with my wife, we're starting again!.leave me alone!" .....Her "oh nice,and when were you going to tell me? You better hope my tests come back clear or you're going to have a hell of a lot more explaining to do to the MRS!!"..unfortunately for him, I had hold of his phone when that text came through...What the fuck????

What test results???? is she pregnant??????what's she talking about?????

H wrestled his phone back off me and removed the sim and handed it to me, "get rid of it, she wont be able to contact us again", I took it but I didn't bin it, I hid it...

He explained that she wasn't pregnant but the week before had told him she was going to the std clinic  as her ex had cheated on her 9 months earlier!! and she wanted to make sure she didn't have anything, of course by that point she had already had unprotected sex with my husband, I was fuming,he knew he had been with her, unprotected and that she was potentially unclean and then he'd come back to me and potentially given me something he'd caught off her  (we don't use anything as I've been sterilised  years ago).

I'd taken note of her number and began to text her from my phone pretending to be him...I told her my phone was acting up and I'd had to switch phones......By god was she angry....I wanted to make sure that he'd told me the truth about how many times they had been together and whether or not he had told her it was over, turns out he had been telling the truth, so why was she texting him when he'd ended it?
She turned out to be very vile, thinking she was talking to him via text she made very vile comments to him about me "don't come running to me when she's cheating on you again and having one night stands" WTF!!! I have never even so much as looked at another man in 8 years!! "why would you go back to her she beats you!" Haha silly cow, I slapped him when I found out about her that hardly constitutes a beating. "she's crazy.she's a loon" .....nope bitch I'm Bi-polar and unlike you quite emotionally stable thanks....."You two are a disgrace, you shouldn't be parents your kids deserve better than you!" ...hmmm yeah love, ok you go on with yourself, you dont know anything about me, my kids or how we parent them and the more i've got to know about you over the last year the more I see a case it being you who is the bad parent!!...."you're just a liar an unfashionable liar and I hate you" ...HAHA personal insults from the woman who wears leggings with high heels, yeah ok! I then text her back as him and said so are you planning to tell my wife?...Her "she already knows!" as him."no i told her we were just friends".....Her "then yes im going to tell her everything".....good I need to hear her side (by this point i still don't hate her, I need her side too) as him "what's my wife ever done to you?".....Her "nothing so why should she be able to live her life?"....well what a thoroughly nice lady, I'm beginning to see her spitefulness creeping through. As it happened she didn't contact me straight away she waited a few days, I don't think she liked the last text I'd sent her as him ...."Do as you please I'll tell her you're crazy!!" ....served her right for the loony text...

Contact and lies galore...

 she contacted me two days later on the 6th of June, by that point I'd already hacked into his yahoo account and read all their conversations so I knew pretty much all I needed to know, I just needed to see if their stories tallied with what I already knew.

1'st message...
  • Conversation started 6 June 2012
  • Claire Baker

    He told me he was single sorry if caused any trouble he's now also threatned that he will say im crazy if I tell you when found out I finished it over text Monday so sorry he's meeting his new women on Flirtomatic good luck to you and your children the same got done to me a year ago.

Now I know he didn't tell her he was single because I'd already seen the messages between them on the 12th may (my bloody birthday!) before she had physically met him and she had asked him if he was married.

  • 12 May 23:06
    claireab81:Ok cool your not married are you?? xxx
He then replies that he is married and she says....

  • 12 May 23:10
    claireab81:Couldn't remember what u said thought u weren't that's all just being nosy xxx how long u been married xx
Rule number 1...never lie to me I already know the truth!!Silly Silly girl, it was me that called her crazy not him but thanks for the flirtomatic information I hadn't known that. I love how she says "the same got done to me a year ago" sooooo you know how it feels but you're happy to try and fuck another family up? what a lovely lady you are!! not!

So i asked her if she had slept with him.

Inbox number 2
Claire Baker
Yeah we've dated been pictures shopping I was with him when he bought. Your sons Xbox game I chose your daughters doll set in toys r us he said your marriage has been dead a year and he was over it but had only moved out four weeks before dating Me which was beginning of may he chats to me on sat nights whilst your out we were supposed go quiz last Tuesday but I was unwell his mum and brother know apparently about me he's just all lies I hate him
Takes a liar to know a liar I suppose! what doll set I asked her, my daughter didn't get a doll set. and how many times did you sleep with him? I asked her.

Claire Baker
Doll and carry case for your youngest birthday, is she 2/3 can't remember. Twice we had a full day just snuggled watching movies

Well first off she can piss off if she thinks im giving her details about my i asked her if they were careful!..

Claire Baker
Nope was tested last wed results next week sorry

Now this is where I got a bit naughty and thought I'd shit her up a bit! so I lied to her and told her he'd met loads of women on his yahoo messenger and had sex with them unprotected so she probably would be sorry, my intention was to scare her into being more careful in future, If I'd known then the type of slag she was I wouldn't have bothered, I just ended up making my husband sound awful, there wern't any other women!

Claire Baker
That's what he asked me to join because I wasn't up for giving him my number I've been an absolute fool and think u have a right to know as soon as I confronted him about it he went nasty I didn't even know u were married thought until after the first time and he said it was up to you to divorce him as u could get it for free he's a dick and I've told him never to contact me again.

Now then that contradicts what she said in the first place, she claimed she didn't now he was married (we know that she did from the yahoo messages) now she's saying she didn't know till after the first time, what first time?she gives her number away very freely too, half of the north west has it. I knew he'd ended and he had re affirmed he had ended it by text on the Monday but by now I could see she was a blatant liar so I decided to play along and see how far she would take it, so i asked why she had got tested last wednesday but only ended it on the monday.

Claire Baker
Because he said he loved me and my ex cheated and had had an affair so just routine to check I was clear before we slept together again to protect him really looks like it was to protect me now

He vehemently denies he told he he loved her, in none of his messages to her does he say he loves her, I have to take his word for this, I later found out she had been with loads of men since that aug when she split with her own husband, so the tests were because she's a dirty slut and not because of anything her ex had done..liar liar...I  then re affirmed what id told her before and told her he was a sex addict and he was always doing it...It was funny at the time,sometimes even I think I'm a gobshite!..

Claire Baker
Omg revolting he told me you knew about me and was seeing someone called Ian and had a one nightstand last week Ian found out about it and then u got jealous of me and him
Oh and we bought elefun at same time it was about 12 quid and the doll set was 40 reduced to 20 we then went shopping in Warrington and he got 2 new tshirts and we went burger king for dinner he paid on his card xx

Yeah ok you money obsessed munter, I haven't been with another man since 2004!! I wasn't that impolite when I told her that though.

Claire Baker
He's just scum and I sincerely apologise its unfair on you and if u had known I swear I would of told him to fuck off sorry again

So are you love and you did know so that's another LIE!!  I then go on to tell her I plan on paying him back big time and that I've already hacked his facebook,email and she has the chance to tell the truth knowing that i know what their messages say, but still she persists with the lies...

Claire Baker
He's got a new number been texting him today
And he bought a new phone last week
I was his profile picture wot a dick

Lies again, she was never his profile pic as it was always of our youngest daughter, he was still friends with my family on facebook and my eldest daughter so if he'd changed his profile pic to one of her they would have told me...He hadn't been texting her that day, she'd sent one text to me, thinking i was him, saying that she was going to inbox me and tell me everything and id replied (as him) do your worst she wont believe you...and I didnt because her story didn't match the evidence!..

Claire Baker
Well I don't know how he got my number but been texting me off that number since 4 th June
What a crock of shit..It was my phone....My number....he had no access and i certainly hadn't been doing it!!...she never contacted me directly herself after that... However, we were destined to have to put up with her silly games for many more months to come!

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